Cup Dryer Stands

Elvins Anti Dust Cup Dryer Stands Will Help You Live Longer Without Serious Illness By Avoid Drinking Microscopic Dust Mites.

8 Cup/Mug Hanging Stainless Steel Stands

DIY Anti Dust 8 Cup Hanger Stands available as complete set of parts including step by step assembly instructions.

The latest kitchen sink draining board stands that hangs cups and mugs facing upside down allowing them to drip-dry after washing.

Now you can avoid using tea towel to wipe your cups and mugs as it may carry bacteria.

Our Cup Dryer Stand offers stylish superb high quality mirror polished chrome dust free cups and mugs for healthy living.

These unique cup and mug hanger stands will drip dry your mugs to keep them absolutely clean and dust free.

See the above picture nothing touches the rims and no prongs poked inside the cups for dust and germs to breed.

This modern Cup Drying Stand will save your time by no more wiping required after washing your cups simply hang them facing upside down.

UK Inventions - as usual 10 year warrantee on manufacturing faults.