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Prevention Is Better Than Cure! Which Cup Hooks Will You Choose?

Stylish Cup Hangers

To hang two cups upside down just buy a pair of WSCH4 woodscrew cup hooks and fit them on any walls. Hook the cups and slide in.

Avoid hanging your cups facing sideways as this will trap all kinds of dusts including harmful virus carrier dust mites.

Have You Tried Hanging Your Cups By the Handles Facing Upside Down?

At last in the 21st century you can hang your cups by the handles facing upside down by using the Elvins cup hangers.

It's simple right? But don't you think it's genius?

In 2014 due to climate change Peter Elvins knew that some unhealthy virus will arrive to the planet Earth therefore, he invented these Dust Free Cup Hangers as seen on this page.

Avoid drinking virus carrying dust by replacing your unhealthy cup hangers that hang cups facing sideways with Elvins Anti Virus Cup hangers as shown here.

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Discover How To Prevent Drinking Virus Dusts

Now you can avoid drinking virus with Elvins cup hangers.

We manufacture cupboards fitted with Anti Virus cup hangers or hooks for hanging cups facing down.

cupboard front Cupboard Model: CB8. Click To Open. We supply to kitchen cupboard manufacturers.

The use of all common or conventional cup hangers for hanging cup or cups will collect dusts in the atmosphere. Also, dangerous virus carrier dust can fall and build up over a period of time.

However, to overcome these problems cups should be hung facing downwards upside down, which prevents dust falling inside the vessels.

Ask your local kitchenware or hardware stores to order the Elvins Anti Dust cup Hangers for you. Or just to contact us.

Elvins cup hangers can save lives by hanging your cups facing upside down and avoid drinking virus carrier dusts.

Here you will see a range of brand new cup hangers that will hang cups facing upside down to prevent trapping dust inside the cups.

If you are not concerned about dirty dust in your cups but just need space then in this case for example you can hang any combination of four cups or facing sideways on our WSCH4 cup hangers. Please note we do not recommend.

Elvins cup Hangers are subject to UK Patent and Registered Designs

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For Hanging One cup Facing Upside Down

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For Hanging Two cups Facing Upside Down

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For Hanging Two cups Facing Upside Down

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Blue Four cup Hangers

four cup hangers

Mirror Polished Chrome Hanger Four cups

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Chrome Hanger Four cups Or cups

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Made To Order Free-standing/Wall Mount Cup Hanger Unit With Draw