Cup Hooks For All Kitchens

If you are looking for cup hooks you will see a range of brand new type of hooks that will hang cups facing upside down to prevent virus dust falling inside the cups.


WSCH4 Cup Hook Demo

This demo shows how to avoid trapping and drinking airborne bacteria or viruses by hanging your tea cups by the handles facing upside down.

tea cup hook demo

Hang your tea cups on any wall space by the handles facing upside down with this pair cup Hooks model number WSCH4 to avoid drinking house dust and serious illnesses.

cup hooks Where To Buy

Do not cut corners in storing or hanging your cups.

Which Cup Hooks Will You Choose? See where to buy the Elvins Anti Dust Cup Hooks.


See below for where to buy this new type of innovative anti dust cup hooks for hanging cups by the handles facing upside down.

Normally majority of people don't take cup hooks to be such an health issue. They simply take cup hooks for granted by hanging their cups facing sideways inside cupboards under shelves and on walls.

Due To Climate Change Elvins Cup Hooks Are Extremely Important Products That Must Be Fitted In All Kitchens.

Anti House Dust Cup Hooks

Anti House Dust Cup Hooks are in homes, bars, restaurants hotels, hospitals etc.

Elvins Cup Hooks are handmade using Stainless Steel and most importantly unlike all the other brand hooks ours are Anti Dust Cup Hooks.

As the world population grows new types of harmful viruses will arrive to the planet earth and people are Dropping Like Flies.

Elvins cup hooks was launched in 2014 will keep cups dust free by hanging them facing upside down. These new type of hooks should be fitted in every kitchen in order to avoid drinking unhealthy virus airborne microscopic dust mites.

Elvins Anti Virus Cup Hooks will protect people from drinking any virus carrying microscopic dust mites and avoid death prematurely.

Model No: WSCH4 Now Available.

cup hooks

The above cup hooks are modern for hanging cups by the handles facing upside down in order to keep them absolutely clean.

The most precious gifts. Model No: WSCH4 Anti Virus - Anti Dust Plus - Space Saving Double Cup/Mug Hanging - Stainless Steel Hooks

Where To Buy Anti Dust Cup Hooks

Stainless Steel Cup Hanging HooksA Pair Anti Dust Cup Hooks Model No: WSCH4 Price £25.00 inc. P&P. Buy Direct From Us

High Street Stores

Rogers Hardware
25 Greenwood Rd, Crowthorne RG45 6QX Tel: 01344 761530.

Wokingham Decor
56 Peach St, Wokingham RG40 1XG. Tel: 0118 978 5966.

Anti Dust Space Saving Double Cup/Mug Hanging Woodscrew Stainless Steel Hooks. You can hang two Cup or Mug facing upside down or hang four cups or mugs facing sideways for space saving. Don't hesitate protect your family and yourself against serious illnesses. Stainless Steel moulded Cup hooks model number WSCH4 In Stock.

M4 cup hooks Elvins Stainless Steel Cup Hooks With M4 Screw fitting Model No: M4SCH4. Must have in all kitchens. Price £25.00 inc. P&P. Now available at Rogers Hardware 25 Greenwood Rd, Crowthorne RG45 6QX Tel: 01344 761530. Or Wokingham Decor 56 Peach St, Wokingham RG40 1XG. Tel: 0118 978 5966
woodscrew fixing Stainless Steel Cup Hooks With Woodscrew Fixing Model No: WSCH4
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modern cup hooks

Stainless Steel Hooks For DIY - M4 Fitting
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cup hooks

Stainless Steel Hooks For DIY - Woodscrew Fitting
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woodscrew shoulder fixing cup hooks WSCH4S
Luxury Stainless Steel Anti Virus Cup Hook Shoulder Wood Screw Fixing
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Elvins Cup Hooks Are Simple But Serious Products For Avoid Drinking Unhealthy Viruses

Microscopic mites in the air can carry unhealthy viruses and fall everywhere including inside cups while hanging common hooks facing sideways as shown on the right side of the pages. Elvins range of cup hooks will hang cups facing upside down to prevent dust falling inside the cups while hanging on hooks therefore, the cups are dust free and ready to use.

Furthermore, you need to replace your old cup hook with these types hooks if you want pure tasting drinks every time.

2 cup hooks
cup hooks

For Hanging One Cup Or Mug Facing Upside Down

cup hooks

For Hanging Two Cup Or Mug Facing Upside Down

cup hooks

For Hanging Two Cups Or Mugs Facing Upside Down

cup hooks

Blue Hooks For Hanging Four Cups Or Mugs

cup hooks

Chrome Hanger Four Cups Or Mugs


Chrome Hanger Four Cups Or Mugs

chrome cup hooks

UK Patent & Registered Design

cup hook plate
mug unit

Dust Free Cup Hanger Wall Mounting Unit For Kitchens

cup & mug hanging units

Free standing/Wall Mounting Unit With Draw

Elvins Dust Free Cup Hooks For Healthier Living UK Patent & Registered Design

Modern cup hooks will hang cups and mugs facing down to prevent dust while the Traditional hooks can hang facing sideways only and collect dust.

Do you know why sometimes your favourite brand of tea or coffee tastes different?

The answer is, more likely to be too much dust has fallen inside your cup.

With all common Traditional old fashion hooks the cups and mugs will collect dust.

Upgrade Your Old Cup Hooks To Modern Dust Free Cup Hooks

Cheap simple cup hooks are no longer suitable for our planet with highly polluted dusty air you need to replace them with Dust Free cup hooks.

Modern Cup Hooks

The picture on the left shows the safest method to hang cups and mugs.

With Elvins cup hooks you will avoid drinking dangerous viruses, diesel and petrol carbon dust and enjoy cleaner tastier drinks everytime.

The picture below shows the safest cup hooks on the market.

This is a unique set of cup hooks designed by Peter Elvins, which is a very stylish, modern, useful kitchenware for healthy living.

At your local high class kitchenware or department store ask for Elvins cup hook hangers.

Do you know how much dust and dirt you drink every day? Dust continuously falls inside your cup or mugs every microsecond and spoils the taste of your drink. This problem is on conventional hook which will makes tea or coffee taste and even smell bad.

There are many types of cup and mug hooks on the market but none of them can hang cups or mugs by the handle upside down.

Until now all cup hooks can hang cups and mugs sideways only and collects dust. Our cup hooks will hang cups and mugs upside down to prevent dust falling inside. See the pictures on the left and you will notice the cups are hanging upside down.

Fit Our Dust Free Cup Hook Hangers And Enjoy A Perfect Cuppa Everytime

The use of conventional hooks for hanging cups collects dusts in the atmosphere. The dust particulates falls inside and around the rim, settle and build up over a period of time.

However, the only way to overcome these problems cups and mugs should be hung facing downwards upside down, which prevents dust falling inside and around the vessels.

Replace your old hook with our dust free hook hangers and you can enjoy better tasting tea or coffee everytime.

High Quality Mirror Polished Chrome Plated Cup Hooks

We are manufacturers distributor of high quality mirror polished chrome unique Dust Free Cup hook Hangers to high class stores worldwide.

Look for our ingenious cup hook hangers in high class kitchenware stores.

Contact your local kitchenware store for further details on cup hooks. Or use the form below to contact us for your nearest supplier.

Cup Hooks Manufacturing Capacity

For whole sale distributions we can supply minimum order quantity 2000 units with your logo brand trademark on the packaging.

Retail Outlets and Self-employed Wholesales Agents Contact Us.

Elvins Cup Hooks were launched in 2014 for hanging coffee mugs and teacups facing upside down in order avoid drinking virus carrying dust by keeping them absolutely clean and Dust Free.

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Avoid Hanging Cups & Mugs On Common Traditional Cup Hooks

The images below show the most common traditional cup hooks that will hang the cups facing sideways and trap dust. These old type of cup hooks are not suitable for hanging cups any longer due to climate change.

common cup hooksDo not hang your cups on this type cup hooks.
dusty cup hooksDo Not Hang Your Cups Facing Sideways