Cup & Mug Hanger Demo

In this slideshow Cup & Mug Hook demo you will see how to build and hang cups and mugs by the handles facing upside down using the Elvins WSCH4 cup hooks.

WSCH4 Cup & Mug Hanger Demo

Cup & Mug Hanger Demo
WSCH4 Cup Hook details

The woodscrew WSCH4 Cup & Mug Hooks can be fitted on any walls either inside cupboards or outside cupboards.

Instruction For Fitting The WSCH4 Cup Hooks:

1. For brick or plster wall drill two holes and fit 4 mm Rawlplug as measurement shown on the back of the WSCH4 Cup Hooks packaging.

2. Screw in the WSCH4 Cup Hooks into the Rawlplug in the wall.

3. Hook a cup or a mug upside down on the top hook 1 and slide inwards then drop it into the top Hook 2 and rest the handle on the bottom Hook 4.

4. Hang another cup or a mug upside down on the front hooks Hook 1 and rest the handle on the bottom Hook 3.

Now you have your first Anti Dust Cup Hanger.

Left Hand Version

Please Note: For left hand version the bottom WSCH4 Cup Hooks should be fitted to the left side of the top WSCH4 Cup Hooks.

WSCH4 cup hooks
custom made cupboards
Model: CB12 Cup & Mug Hanger Free Standing Or Wall Cupboards

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